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We are just right for one another!

Each day, Slim-Image is motivating more and more people to establish healthy diet and fitness habits. The Slim Image tools give people an easy way to visualize their goal, and share that vision with others.

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We (BeautyWorks) are an established, privately held company that has been in the business of providing virtual photo imaging for everything from hairstyles to make-up to cosmetic surgery to weight loss for over 20 years.

Slim Image is the first weight loss photo imaging service of it's kind.

We're interested in maintaining long-term relationships with our affiliates.

Join our affiliate program and find out for yourself!

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Here's How the Affiliate Program Works

You place our Slim Image Flash Ad or one of our banners or test links on your site that directs the visitor to our website, where they can view a free Demo and create their Slim Image for just $9.95

When the user click on the banner, the lead will be tracked by placing a cookie on the user's machine (very common method). When the visitor eventually makes his or her purchase, our affiliate management service is automatically notified of the sale and your affiliate account is instantly credited with the appropriate commission that you have earned.

It's simple. It's free to join. And it works very well!

So What's in it for You?

We will give you a very generous 30% commission on each sale, just for referring the visitor our way. Slim-Image currently sells for $9.95 which puts $3 in your pocket every time a visitor creates their Slim Image.

And here's the best part - if the customer ends up buying any of our other software, you'll end up with credit for those sales as well. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You'll Have Professional Reliable Sales Tracking

For everyone's benefit, we have chosen ShareASale to manage our affiliate program. This is an independent service that takes care of tracking the sale from the very beginning (at your site) to the very end (after the sale is processed at our site).

ShareASale has an excellent reputation in the affiliate community and they have proven to be a very reliable service. As your sales roll in, ShareASale will send your commission checks to you each month. If you'd like to learn more about ShareASale and how they work, please feel free to visit their site and -

Take a look at their affiliate FAQ

Ready to sign up?

Great! Just click the link below to go to ShareASale's web site and sign up for the Slim Image affiliate program. They will then notify us of your application for our approval and once approved, you'll be all set!

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Note: If you're visiting this page because we have previously contacted you, then you're already pre-approved. We'll complete your account setup as soon as possible so you can get started.

In addition to the graphics on your site, you'll be able to choose from a number of Slim Image Flash Ads, Banners and Text Ads at ShareASale's web site.

Do You Have Any Questions? Let Us Know!

We'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding our affiliate program or Slim Image. Just click here to contact us and we'll promptly get back to you with the information that you need.

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